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We're Jason and Lauren, a personal training duo on a mission to bring a more reasonable approach to health and fitness!

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be so intense and complicated. So many people get consumed by trying to do every new crash diet, detox, and extreme workout, none of which are sustainable or enjoyable! We’re here to help make fitness fit into your life, rather than take over your life.

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Ready to feel confident and empowered every time you work out?

When it comes to working out, most people try to “wing it” and figure it out on their own, but you’re not most people! You know that as long as you have a plan, you can get it done and save yourself the time, energy, and stress of piecing together your own workouts.

here's where we come in:

RISE Program

A personal trainer in your pocket! RISE is a comprehensive strength training program you can take with you to the gym or use in your own home workout setting. With a fresh new set of workouts every 4 weeks, you’ll see continuous progress and never get bored! Instead of spending your valuable time figuring out which exercises to do, how much weight you should use, and when to switch things up, you can have it all laid out for you so you can get to lifting right away!

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What if we told you that you can improve your mobility drastically in less than 5 minutes a day? Our 6-week program gives you the tools and guidance to do just that! This 40+ page guide provides daily 5-minute movement sessions with beautifully filmed instructional demos and follow-along videos making improving your mobility easier than ever! Get it today with a one-time purchase for lifetime access!


Elevate Program

ELEVATE is a 12-week training plan for those who are earlier on in their strength training journeys as well as those who are more experienced but want to rebuild their base and address any asymmetries or imbalances they might have.

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Reasonably Fit Podcast

Bringing a sense of grounded realism to an industry that is dominated by extremes, our podcast is all about offering sensible, actionable, and reasonable advice to help you succeed on your fitness journey!


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We answer to Jason & Lauren, MOM & Dad, or The Paks. Either way, we’re a team in everything we do!

We help people feel comfortable and confident on their fitness journeys!

After owning a gym for nearly a decade and being fitness coaches since 2007, we know a thing or two about how to help people reach their health and fitness goals. And one thing we know for sure is that if you’re too intimidated to step into the gym or press play on that workout video in the first place, you’ll never get there. That’s why our number one goal is to help you gain the confidence you need to take that first step. And because we love you, we’ll take care of all the little fitness details along the way too!


Sustainable Strength Guide

This free 18-page ebook provides you with a sample 3-day strength program, along with the rationale of how we put it together!



To bring more inclusivity and positive vibes to the fitness space 


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Bringing a more reasonable and sensible approach to health and fitness!